Hale School Technology Centre.

Ohen Hale School were building their new Computers and Technology Center, they approached System Shawtec to design and manufacture the computer desks, gaslift chairs, and audio-visual trolleys for the two computer suites in the state of the art complex.

System Shawtec offered a number of desk designs and room layouts to house the sixty computers. There are two rooms, each a mirror image of the other and the layout in these photograghs was used in both rooms.

The rooms were built with an elevated computer floor enabling network and power cables to enter and leave from each end of the rows.

The desks have cable ducting that runs along the center of the islands and parallel to the walls on the perimeter desks.

The rooms are equiped with roof mounted video projectors and there is a large white board along the front of each room.

The desk design was based on System Shawtec's   SWEEP  profile that allows a minimum of obstruction of view to the front of the room from the computer monitors.

The computers sit in line and at an angle to the front of the room. This design suits both left and right handed people and provides the maximum desk area for each user.

System Shawtec manufactured and supplied the chairs to go with the computer desks, which were upholstered in Java TEAL to compliment the pastel green shades in the room.

The desks were manufactured in kilara green. The rooms also have a number of large 29" monitors that are housed on System Shawtec TV-video trolleys.

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